Monday, 16 March 2009

Trend Help

So a friend emailed me saying she needed to know the top 3 fashion trends of this season for an interview - here is my reply: you agree with my response?

Hello darling how are you?! Okay, here we go:

1.Statement necklaces:
the bigger and more elaborate the better. For extra brownie points say you love Marni's geometric drop shapes and the latest Dazed & Confused fashion shoot where the model positively dripped jewellery.

2. Global/tribal: Mixing fashion, prints, colours etc. from all over the world-think African meets eastern meets western fusion in one outfit. Reference fringing, reference mixing patterns of different scales.

3. Harem pants:
Like MC Hammer but mega stylish. Wear with a slick fitted white shirt for day, stilettos and something fitted in the evening. They’re comfortable, super comfortable and beyond accessible. Zara do a great black pair for like 20 quid. They have a tie waist which makes them even better. They make you feel like you are wearing PJs in the day: which makes them awesome.

Remember to say that each of these trends are ‘simply beyond.’ If they ask you for more say ‘safari’ and ‘metallics for day.’ If they ask about details, say ‘Giles Deacon’s scalloping’ God-I loved that. For more inspiration see or Best of luck! xxx

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