Sunday, 7 September 2008

Gianna Nannini Live in Paestum 23.08.08

Nestled deep in the heart of the Roman ruins of Paestum, two thousand people waited to receive their Italian rock/pop legend.

At Teatro Dei Templi, Gianna Nannini gave an energetic, characteristically raw rock performance. Sort of like an Italian Chrissie Hyde looks-wise, but with a voice not unlike Blondie’s Gianna’s songs were energetic and passionate, if a little ‘samey’ at times. She sang a selection of her hits, including ‘Radio Baccano’, ‘Scandalo’, ‘Sei nell’anima’, ‘Io’, ‘Meravigliosa Creatura’, ‘America’ and ‘California’.

Even if I hadn’t have liked the music (I did, I just had trouble understanding the lyrics!) I would still have enjoyed the visual spectacle of the concert immensely. The venue was spectacular, the graphic screen projections were astounding and the sight of watching my parents enjoying a concert so much was absolutely priceless!

Gianna Nannini’s latest album is called ‘Grazie’

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