Sunday, 14 September 2008

Mac Make-up Brushes

Before we start to get all unnecessary about clothes, let’s spare a thought for our much beloved other child: Beauty! In particular, let’s talk brushes. Anyone who has ever picked up a magazine will know the importance of buying good quality make-up brushes. Apparently they can last a lifetime and really improve the overall look of your make-up.

I was always a bit dubious about the need for make-up tools full-stop-what’s wrong with a finger or two instead? It’s raw but it works and saves time. This was until I bought my first Mac brush a couple of weeks ago. For the fairly hefty sum of £21.50, I bought the ‘168 large angled contour brush’ and it had me hooked as soon as it made contact with my boat race. It feels as if you are rubbing your face with a rabbit’s bum. In the best possible way. Ultra-soft and fantastically fluffy, the brushes also feature: birch, linden and ramin wood handles, nickel-plated brass ferrules. I don’t know what the fluffy bit is made of but frankly I don’t care (or maybe I don’t want to!). The way it is angled makes it just perfect for creating the sharpest cheekbones around.

Obviously I couldn’t let this new avenue of spending go unexplored. I saw that Mac had three new ‘Colour Forms’ brush sets. Each set includes 5 brushes and comes with a professional-looking make-up bag and brush case. I opted for the red bag (although I did think the purple one was prettier-look at me choosing the practical over the aesthetic!) as it seemed to contain the best array of brushes. In this kit, you get a foundation brush, a large blusher brush, a slanted eyeliner brush and two eye make-up brushes. This really seems to be excellent value for £40 and they have made a noticeable difference to my make-up routine. My skin looks smoother and my eye make-up is much better blended. My cheek-bones could cut you at 100 metres. Now surely that alone must be worth any price.

For further information on Mac’s Colour Form Brush Sets, go to their website:

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