Monday, 15 September 2008

Peter Jensen Sping Summer '09 'Jodie'

Jensen's Invitation

At the Cafe between Ann-Sofie Back and Peter Jensen's shows

Danish designer Peter Jensen’s new collection was inspired by Jodie Foster in ‘Silence of the Lambs’. Personally I found it difficult to work out where so we’ll move on! There were actually a lot of parallels with Ann-Sofie Back’s collection (shown directly before Jensen’s). Both were sporty, had mannish tailoring and featured stripes and frills.

Jensen’s Spring Summer ’09 was perhaps a little less focused than his previous collections but was certainly no less interesting with plenty of different styles and shapes experimented with. I particularly liked the printed chiffon dresses paired with the over sized tailored jackets. A candy-coloured t-shirt dress was a collaboration with Julie Verhoeven and was also a favourite. The red and white striped cardigan was extra long and a little too ‘pyjama-like’ for my tastes-also the thin horizontal stripes could not be described as figure-forgiving.

Accessories included sporty caps. The current headscarf trend was present in the form of black (possibly Organza?) scarves tied in a large bow at the chin. Menswear was typically Jensen with springy floral printed suits and cut-off trousers. A fresh, if not entirely cohesive collection.

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