Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Steve J and Joni P, Tuesday 16th September

I went along to the Korean Embassy to see Steve J and Joni P’s latest design offerings. Citing Danish abstract painter Asger Jorn as their main source of inspiration, they showed a mature, luxurious collection which managed to retain their trademark style of modern quirkiness.

The design duo mixed different textures in blocks together with origami-style folding, pleating and draping. Some of the pleating was so detailed it almost looked like larger-scale paper quilling. Metallic mesh and reflective fabrics mixed with Italian silk and English wool which, instead of looking complicated, actually gave an overall ambience of ethereal simplicity.

The models followed arrows on the floor which pointed to points of the designers’ inspiration. Personally, I think this is where the spectacle should have perhaps ended. The clothes were beautifully executed and styled well, but the theatrics which interrupted in the middle of the show distracted from them significantly. Three ballet dancers were brought in by assistants from the wings, placed on podiums and proceeded to don large veils which were attached to the ceiling with wire. After cutting themselves free with shears (this was the point where I got really worried), they tottered around the catwalk for a while before the show continued.

Despite having leaned a little too far into the shaky realm of catwalk theatrics, Steve J and Joni P are clearly very talented and if they continue to create clothes of this calibre then I’m certain they will have much future success.

(A singer/harpist played before the show)