Tuesday, 16 September 2008

On/Off 10th Season Party

It’s lucky that I am British and therefore enjoy a queue because that is exactly what I got last night at On/Off’s 10th season party. After experiencing a scrum of similar (massive) proportions at PPQ the night before, my friend and I (who both had tickets, might I add!) began to set ourselves deadlines: “Okay, it’s twenty past now, let’s give it until ten and then go to the End instead.” The only problem with this is that just as you are about to leave, the queue starts to move enticingly.

We ended up getting into the Royal Academy at around half ten-the party was set to end at eleven so this gave us enough time to:

1. Drink two glasses of champagne very fast.
2. See the end of Ryhs Ifans’ new band The Peth’s set (actually very good, quite Rolling Stone-ey).
3. Play ‘grab the goody bag’ with a load of wasted people elbowing and stepping on each other.

And then we come to the goody bag. This was not the highlight of the evening but I would certainly rather ‘On-Off’ spend their money on what they do so well, nurturing new design talent, than satisfying materialistic fashionistas like myself. I'm sure that one day I will realise the merits of toenail conditioner and I know that I am already very happy about the ‘Sore Spot’ patches for your feet. Goodness knows that after spending two days and nights in ridiculously high heels I needed something for the pain.

On the whole, a really great party which I was happy to go to-I just wish that I could have been there for a little longer.

The charming Roger Spy

The Peth in action

Stylist Hannah Sandling

Divalicious Lady Gaga

My hero Matthew Williamson and friend


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