Thursday, 18 September 2008

Hannah Marshall Party, Wednesday 17th September

Hannah Marshall’s collections are always so modern and slick that it made sense for her party to be held at one of the coolest clubs in town, Bungalow 8.

The champagne and cocktails flowed, making it increasingly difficult to navigate the confusing horizontally-striped corridors! It was a great party though and when I spoke to her Hannah seemed really pleased with how everything was going. Have a look at to see some examples of her work.

There was an especially stylish crowd at this party so I took some pictures…

Henrik Purienne (left) has a cool magazine called Mirage which he describes as 'swimwear and jetset hedonism' intrigued? Check out

Some of Hannah Marshall's lovely team

Niels Beenen from Outside Line ( and moi

Doesn't she look great?! Vivienne Westwood does it again


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