Thursday, 11 September 2008

Terminal 5: Good thing for Fashion...

After missing my flight to Munich yesterday (mainly down to Terminal 5 but that’s another story!) I had some time to kill until the next plane. Mucho shopping obviously commenced. Terminal 5, if nothing else, has some top shops. I got these hawt shoes from Kurt Geiger. They are called 'Sathia' and would normally cost £120 at the airport they were but £102. So worth it-love ‘em! 'Shoots' (or 'shoe boots') are still going to be huge for this autumn/winter. Now I just need: a cape, a new mannish winter coat, a pair of black skinnies (or possibly leather, depending on the thinness of my little leggies!) and a pair of knee-length boots. I already have some gorgeous brown suede over-the-knee boots, so obviously I will be saving there! Ooh I love winter shopping!!!

Also, funny moment: at 10.30 yesterday morning I dived towards the alcohol bit in Duty Free as I saw a mixologist at work making Grey Goose cocktails. As I happily indulged, who should come over but Phil from Location Location! Uh-oh, I have a new celebrity crush. Hmm, maybe Terminal 5 isn’t actually so bad after all: great shops, cocktails for breakfast and celebrity sightings!

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