Tuesday, 24 February 2009

A/W '09 LFW Day 4: Mulberry Party

The last time I was in Mulberry for a non-shopping-related venture, it was to watch Hot Chip perform at a party last year. For the celebration of the label's current collection, Mulberry (bravely!) invited everyone back-they moved the stock this time though: sticky fashion fingers last time perhaps?

Music was provided by the Friendly Fires. The boys were very good, they even managed to rouse the usually motionless fashion crowd enough to make some of them dance. DJ's included Mike Pickering, Hugo Heathcote and Ronnie Joice.

There was an intentional scarab beetle infestation in-store and when goodie-bags failed materialise; guests began to rip their glistening carcasses from the make-shift walls. This was both satisfying and most useful for scaring folk by putting them in their beds later (mwah ha ha).

We stared at: each other, Bob Geldof and Will Young

We munched: delicious pea tartlets, vodka jelly and caramel-glazed profiteroles by deWintons

We wanted: to go home to bed after a few too many yummy Create cocktails!

We went to bed with: lots of sparkly insects and a couple of essential Paracetamol

A glamorous girl in Hannah Marshall

Hannah Marshall and me

Kirsty Smith, lovely girlfriend of Mike Pickering and owner of a bag I sorely need in my life

Ha! Think I got away without anyone seeing me steal that beetle!

I eat beetles for breakfast

Hat lovers of the world unite

Glam crowd trying to keep from dancing

It looks like someone tried to extinguish Friendly Fires-oh, wait

Set list

Ronnie and Saz 'ello sailor

Jacquetta Wheeler, model extraordinaire-this is the exact shade of blonde I am reaching for


jeanie annan-lewin said...

I need one of those shiny insects pleasexxx

Christina Sanders said...

I'm kinda scared of bugs - maybe it is good I wasn't there!
Christina xxx


Helen-LG said...

Your eyelashes are fantastic!

Looks like you had a good run at fashion week, I took the lazy route, letting you, DisneyRollerGirl, KoS and Style Bubble do all the legwork and I just live vicariously through your blogs!
Ain't technology a wonderful thing!?