Sunday, 8 February 2009

Snow What?

Despite the fact that I live in north east London (nowhere near a tube) and work south west, I managed to get into the office last Monday. Frankly, this is still irritating me. Does anyone else see a problem with the fact that our country lost billions and billions of pounds so we could have a 'Snow Day?' So that bankers could strap their previously desk-ridden backsides to a makeshift sleigh instead of a plush leather chair? Strap some old tennis rackets onto the base of your stilettos and bloody get on with things, I say. NHS radiographer Peter Cartwright walked 18 miles to get to Guy’s Hospital. What a guy! I think everyone who 'battled' their way to work deserves some kind of recognition, perhaps a duvet-coddling day off? A little bonus maybe? Who's with me?

I documented the day with photographs (unfortunately the snowman pictured is not my creation-I had work to do).

The night before 'Snow Day'

Look how pretty!

I sport the lastest in snow dressing: a Chanel-style hat and a scarf knitted by me and my mum!

Icy eh?

I managed to get a train from this station, goodness knows how...

...and was then greeted by this cheerful sight

Oh yeah.

After work, we took refuge in this pretty pub for a nice reward of Guinness

They had this rather miserable-looking snowman
(perhaps he was unhappy because drunken fools were discussing how best to construct a 'snow cock' within earshot.)


Sarah Edwina Rose said...

Well done! I can't believe you got all that way without a bus in sight.
Work told us not to come so I played in the snow

Helen-LG said...

Well done for battling your way in.

I valiantly worked through it (lucky for me though, from home!) while the other half had permission from his office to piddle about in the snow. Curse him!

Personally I can forgive the system not working on the Monday - if it only happens once every 2 decades it's not something we should spend a fortune preparing for every year - but the fact we were still struggling for most of the week was a bit embarrassing!

Chris Sowley said...
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