Thursday, 26 February 2009

The Shockwaves NME Awards: Part One

I was invited to attend the Shockwaves NME Awards last night and had just slightly too much fun! After a brief catch up with red carpet attendees (and laughing at Leigh Francis’ jokes) it was off to the table to catch a pew and have a stomach-lining burger. I was happy to find myself between the charming Patrick Wolf and model Alice Dellal. The lovely Jaimie Winstone and Alfie Allen struck a striking couple opposite and seemed in great spirits all night.

Patrick was telling me about his new album (just completed) and about his fashion inspirations. The incredible jacket he is wearing is by Ada Zanditon, a great structural designer with a lot of flair. I managed to tune-down my fashion radar and crank up the inner ear to catch the great bands who performed throughout: Elbow were especially good, Graham Coxon and Damon Albarn (whom, I am ashamed to say I inappropriately accosted later on, thrusting kisses upon he and Alex James!) performed and Florence and the Machine teamed up with Glasvegas (to sing ‘Suspicious Minds’). Another highlight of the evening was LaRoux and Franz Ferdinand’s performance of Blondie’s ‘Call Me.’ After all this musical excitement, the reason, of course, that we were all there, it was time to go for a casual wander around the tables to see who was about and, in my case, thrust my little Canon (and, inadvertently my wardrobe-malfunctioned breasts) in famous faces at every opportunity!

Later, we dangerously danced atop tables and chairs to get a better glimpse of the Cure who received the ‘Godlike Genius’ Award. What can I say? Cool wine, hot bands; it was a recipe for fun.

Indie-rock Batman and a female Robin

Alexa and her insignificant but now famous coldsore

Oh my goodness Nicola from Girls Aloud (she's wearing Preen)

Alex from Franz Ferdinand


Pixie shows me her tights and I am forced to look at her legs. Not fair.

Mr Tim Burton

The legend that is Grace Jones

Henry and Pixie

Glastonbury's daddy Mike Eavis

Patrick and his beautiful PR

Alice Dellal and Pixie G

Brandon Flowers (in another fabulous animal jacket)

Micquita Chicita Oliver

Patrick Wolf

Doing Gaga poses

Pretty in pink: Jaimie Winstone

Me and a cheerful Peaches

My gorgeously stylish friend Leoni

Sitting pretty as a Pixie (right: Alfie Allen)

La Roux and Franz perform

Me and Sarah Harding (I don't think she's a 'caner' London Lite, she didn't even seem drunk to me...)

Lovely Little Boots in Matthew Williamson

Designer darling Henry Holland

La Roux (contrasting patterns-yum yum!)


LJ said...

patrick looks class!!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Christina Sanders said...

Words cannot express me jealously my dear. So many amazing people!

And Nicola.
I <3 her! xxxx

What Not & I said...

Please tell me you found out where pixie's tights are from?? I'm so in love with them!

Bianca Pal said...

Yes I know-they were so cool! From Henry Holland mmmmxx