Monday, 23 February 2009

A/W '09 LFW: The Night of Four Parties

There is always one night in fashion week that becomes the night. The evening in which locating your next free cocktail is not a pleasantry; it is an all-consuming priority. This fashion week, Sunday was that night and I went to no less than four parties: the Met Bar’s Pink Drinks, PPQ at CafĂ© de Paris, Eley Kishimoto/Eastpak at Centre Point and Christopher Kane at Jalouse.

I met Dolce and Gabanna’s boat Adonis, David Bandy, danced on a podium with Christopher Kane and became a wild drunken animal in heels, running around London like a thing possessed. Once again, pictures speak louder than words (and frankly it just hurts to think at the moment!):

Come on, admit it, me and David Bandy: match made in heaven. My latest stalk...

Moi avec Christopher Kane, design genius

The (very drunk) dream team. Sarah Edwina Rose (, Charlie Chin (master photographer) and little old me

Ronnie Joice and a me

A very scared barman

Stylish boy

Crazily but stylishly-clad boy

Beautiful boys

Girl in Kane

Girls getting drunkenly (and fashionably) amorous

Model girls at PPQ

Me and a beautifully-crimped Christina Sanders (

Met Bar Pink Drinks

Pretty Harlequin Drinks



Christina Sanders said...

good times! xx

Helen-LG said...

Looks like you're doing LFW properly!

Those glasses look great on you!

Anonymous said...

thats not chrisophers sister tammy dur. its sandra

Bianca Pal said...

Ah thanks anonyomous-thought she looked a bit different hehe x