Monday, 23 February 2009

A/W '09 London Fashion Week Day 2: Qasimi

I had started to wonder when I would get my first proper glimpse of supermodel. Where was Erin? Had Lily gone back to Cambridge? It turned out they were at church, gracing Qasimi’s catwalk along with Jasmine Le Bon, Jacquetta Wheeler, Jasmine Guinness, Liberty Ross and the legend that is Carmen Dell'Orefice (she is in her late 70’s! She is stunning!). It seemed as if St. Mary’s Church in Marylebone was playing host to a fashionista wedding (or, judging by all the black clothes, perhaps a funeral!).

Wearing a large, dramatic, nest-like hat by the design duo, H.H. Khalid bin Sultan AlQasimi and Elliott J. Frieze, Erin worked the catwalk with her typical elegance and aplomb. Everything in the show was black. Obviously this is sure to be a move favoured by the darkly-dressing press. Pieces featured exquisite hand stitching and jewels like onyx and jet. The duo experimented with new fabrics such as eel, orylag, python and fox. Luxurious, dramatic and inspiring, even the myriad of respected models couldn’t fully distract from the beautiful construction and bold, brave lines of Qasimi’s pieces.


Anonymous said...

ive never seen such lack of style
seriously now,what the hell was that all about....even the supers looked like crap
that show must have cost a fortune??just oes to show money cant buy you everything...esp not style

Anonymous said...

Who ever wrote the above comment does not no anything about Fashion.. i was at that show and everything about the show was great...