Saturday, 7 February 2009

Shhh! Klaxons Secret Gig

I joined the likes of Mark Ronson, Alex James (possibly a tenuous spot) and Anthony Rossamando (of Dirty Pretty Things) and a truckload of scenesters to watch the Klaxons play their secret gig. Picking my way through a veritable sea of pleather skirts, checked capes and ankle boots (and that was just the boys!) I eventually managed to clamber atop a stained padded bench to get a look at the stage.

The band played hits from their previous album (‘Myths of the Near Future’) luckily playing crowd favourites ‘Atlantis to Interzone’ and ‘Golden Skans.’ For fans, the intrigue lay in hearing new songs from the forthcoming album. Stronger and rockier, the band seem to have moved away from their popular and poppy electro sound, perhaps not always for the better. Maybe the Mercury award-winning band’s front man might be hiding another ‘Golden Skans’ somewhere up his tutu. Let’s hope so.

I think pictures can sometimes speak louder than words so here is what I saw in Madame Jojos' that fateful night…

(Warning: if you have good eyesight in the dark and get queasy about irritating, sycophantic, practically naked, stage-hogging fame-guzzlers, then I suggest you ignore the first photo.)

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