Friday, 20 February 2009

A/W ’09 London Fashion Week Day 1: Magpie Mania


Fashion week is upon us once again and if today was anything to go by, it looks as if everyone is planning a bold two fingered salute to the old double ‘C’ (obviously not Chanel! I mean the ‘credit-crunch,’of course).

First on my beserk fashion week agenda was Ashish and my beloved delivered. And how. The show was a cacophony of neon leopard print, pom-poms, denim, patterns and sequins galore. VV Brown (whom I newly love: think a clean, polished, glamourous Amy Winehouse with a more 50’s vibe) playedthroughout and the chosen venue of London’s Hippodrome was the perfect place to reveal the circus-like excess of the clothes.

Favourite piece? It’s difficult to say but the zebra jumper certainly appealed to my weak-spot for all things animal (well, maybe not all things-eek!). I do always intend to blend-in and be a super-cool fashionista lady but at shows like this I just can’t help but boogie uncontrollably in my seat, profess my love for every piece (except the huge pom-poms) and take photos nineteen-to-the-dozen, much to the dismay of the perfectly poised beside me whose only detectable motion is to gently sip their water and look vaguely bemused. What the hell, here’s the truth so take it as you will: I just absolutely fucking L.O.V.E sparkle. In virtually any form. If three years at London College of Fashion couldn’t knock this out of me then I would be overtly surprised if anything could. Do you know something else, while we’re on the subject of ‘things it is wrong to love in the fashion world’? I adore leopard print to the point of distraction. It’s obscene how much of it I own. I get teased for it a lot. Ashish showed leopard print tights and leopard print shoes together. At once. What more is there to say? Here are the pictures:

Next up came the debut of Russian label Arutyunov SA.

Alexander Arutyunov and Alexandra Sergienko trapped ostrich feathers between layers of organza. Swarovski crystals dripped decadently from every pore of the show dresses. Dresses ranged from long and lean to large and puffy, ostensibly choosing to misunderstand the term ‘grey area.’ The show was grand, it was loud, it was unashamedly haute couture and guess what? Some people didn’t like it for this. Goodness knows this collection isn’t very ‘London’ but what the hell does this matter? Am I the only one who thinks it’s about time for some glamour? These dresses were grandiose: some were elegant, some were in-your-face, all had an unabashedly Russian-feel. Snappy snap snap:

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Christina Sanders said...

Ashish was amazing, i loved it. Although, I don't think I was into this collection as the one last season, but that is cos I prefer my sequins black! Bit still, there were plenty of beautiful bits in there and it was quite a spectacular show!